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Hen Spa Parties Are Taking Over Traditional Hen Parties

Hen spa parties (2)

Have you been asked by your best friend to be the bridesmaid at her wedding? Are you all existed to do the honours? Get ready for going to fittings, excited wedding planning, and the big hen night. For people who have never organized a hen party and never been to one, planning a hen party can be a daunting task. It can be overwhelming to plan a hen party for a bride who hates all the typical hen party stuff. If you are in charge of planning an epic hen party this post is for you! To make the hen party memorable for the bride, always go for personalised hen party gifts for the bride.

For all the brides-to-be who want something unique and relaxing, hen spa parties are the perfect solution for them. What’s better than a relaxing spa before you say “I do”? Spa’s ease the body and mind of all the continuous wedding preparations.

Hen Spa Parties Are Taking Over Traditional Hen Parties

Many brides are opting for hen spa parties because they are a perfect way to spend some quality time with your friends while relaxing. Spa hen parties are best for those who want a wholesome experience. There are a number of spas in the UK which provide a luxurious experience. You not only get a good spa, but also champagne and snacks, based on your budget, you will also be provided with a full meal.

There are many brides who are ditching traditional hen parties and opting for unusual ways to celebrate with their friends. So, what are you waiting for, say yes to hen spa parties!

What Are The Popular Spa Treatments?

We are sure of one thing that you will love the whole experience of hen spa parties. If you want to pamper yourself and your bridesmaids, spa parties are the ultimate choice.

Let’s see what you will get in a hen spa party


A relaxing massage is all you want after months of wedding preparations. A massage draws out toxins from your body and leaves you feeling fresh and energetic. Swedish massage and deep tissue massage are the most popular type of massage therapies available. A Swedish massage uses firm strokes and firm kneading. Circular pressure is applied by palms in this type of massage.

Deep tissue massage is done to reach the deeper layers of fascia and muscles. This type of massage is best for people suffering from body ache.

Aromatherapy massage uses essential oils, so if you are a fan of essential oils, go for aromatherapy.

Spa Facials

A bride needs to take care of her skin, right? Facials are best when it comes to rejuvenating facial skin. As a bride you want perfect and glowing skin, a facial helps to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrates the skin, making it soft and supple. Facials promote a healthy complexion and help you look younger. After the massage, spa facial is the most popular spa treatment among ladies.

There are a number of facials available according to the need of the person. If you have dry skin, go for hydrating facials which help to increase the moisture level of the skin. If you are getting married in the winters, make sure to choose hydrating facials to restore the moisture level of the skin.

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If you have itchy skin, indulge in soothing facials. Soothing facials are the Holy Grail for itchy skin.

You will be spoiled with options when it comes to facials. There are anti-ageing facials, collagen boosting facials, oxygen facials, balancing facials, etc.

Major Tip – If opting for facials we highly advise doing your treatment a few weeks before as some people tend to have a break out in spots. Don’t worry this is normal and your skin will be silky smooth after a few days.

Spa Manicure

Who doesn’t love well-maintained hands and nails? A spa manicure provides deep nourishment to your hands and makes them look youthful.

A spa manicure takes more time than a regular manicure. If you want to experience luxury and comfort, indulge in spa manicure.

In a spa manicure, you will be asked to soak your hands in a manicure tray; mostly sea salt soak is preferred. The second step involves scrubbing, depending on the type of spa manicure, you will be provided with either sugar scrub or any other organic scrub. A spa manicure also involves a mask to provide benefits to the skin and at the end; massage cream is applied to hydrate the skin.

Spa Pedicure

Your feet must be tired from running errands for wedding preparations. Spa pedicure helps to take away the tiredness of your feet and make you feel energized. Steps similar to spa manicure are followed in a spa pedicure. In the end, you will be given a relaxing foot massage.

There are many spas in the UK which take your hen spa party to the next level. They not only provide great spa services but also give goody bags to you and your friends to take home. Some spas also arrange girly movies to watch whilst your mani and pedi.

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Hair Spa

No luxury spa service is complete without a hair spa. Hair spa deep conditions dry locks and make them look healthy and bouncy. A hair spa is a must in hen spa parties. Hair spas not only nourish your hair but help you to de-stress before your big day. If you want to strengthen your hair and stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp, choose a luxury hair spa.

You definitely don’t want dull and dry hair on your wedding day. Hair spa nourishes your hair with vital oils so that they look well-hydrated and shiny.

What Can You Expect During Your Spa Treatments?

During your spa you will be provided with consultation and treatments will be chosen according to your concerns and skin type. Expect to have a relaxing experience.

You will be provided with a bathrobe, gown, and spa slippers for your spa treatment.

Arrange A Spa Hen Party At Home

Don’t want to get out of the house for your hen spa party? Don’t worry, you don’t need to! You can have a tailored spa experience at home.

You can listen to your favourite music and watch movies with your friends at your spa hen party.

Do some decoration at home to give a luxurious feel to your bridesmaids. Order some snacks and booze to get the hen spa party started.

Hire Freelancers

You can hire freelancers to provide you with various spa services at home. Design the services that you want to indulge in. Look for spa therapists who are trained and well-experienced in the field. You can hire a masseuse (female massage therapist), a manicure and pedicure expert and a hair spa specialist for your hen spa party.

Check for reviews and testimonials online before hiring freelancers.

How Varsany Products Can Help You In Throwing A Hen Spa Party?

You are all prepared to throw a hen spa party at home, you have hired freelancers, decided the services you want but what will your bridesmaids wear during the spa? Varsany have you covered. You can order online your personalised items needed for hen spa parties.



Order our premium and personalised bride dressing gown from Varsany. The bride robe can be personalised for the bride and the whole bridal party. Our bathrobes have sparky diamante’s to make you stand out. We use high-quality soft ivory and satin material to make our bathrobes. Our bathrobes can fit sizes 8 to 16.

Spa Slippers



Satin hen party slippers will look cool and stylish. Match the bathrobe with Varsany hen spa slippers. These slippers can be used while getting ready on your big day. On the slippers, we have used ivory and satin along with faux fur. These slippers are personalised and best quality diamante is used on Varsany spa slippers.

Tote bags


Varsany tote bags can be given as a gift to your bridesmaids. These personalised tote bags look great with our matching bathrobes and slippers.

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Is This True That Hen Parties In UK Are Expensive?

A hen party is a pre-wedding ritual in which bride-to-be enjoys a fun-filled night with her female friends. According to a survey, the cost of hen parties is too much to bear for the attendees. Every bride wants a great hen party. Many hens agreed that they have spent an enormous amount on the hen do of their friends and would never think of spending such a considerable amount on their hen party.

In the UK trend of foreign hen parties is on the rise, which costs a whopping amount. Not every friend is monetarily well-off to fulfill the wish of the bride-to-be to go abroad for the party.

Bride-to-be expects Luxury hen night gifts to feel loved and special.

So, how can one save on the hen parties? Hen parties are supposed to be fun and chic, how can you achieve that without burning a hole in your pocket?


Here are some hen party ideas which are inexpensive but doesn’t lack in the fun area.

The Hen Party Retreat

You can pick a rural location near the city away from the chaos. To save money, you can choose self-catering accommodation.

It is advisable to share the cooking and bring your own bottles of booze. It will save money on restaurants and clubs.

Make the most of the outdoors and engage in activities like paintballing, kite surfing, horse riding, etc. To make the hen party full of laughter, you can plan various games like “Guess who” in which the hens have to match a funny secret to the specific hen. “Frocky Horror Picture Show” in which pictures of bride’s fashion faux pas is shown.


Go old school and choose for a sleepover. Relive your childhood with your friends before taking the big step. You can have a heart to heart chat over the sleepover with your close pals. To plan a sleepover hen party, choose a house, it can be yours or your bridesmaid’s. Stock up with treats and good food. No hen party is complete without drinks, alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic.

Watch some girly movies together, or rent your favourite childhood movies which you and your girlfriends used to watch together.

A great sleepover is perfect if you don’t fancy going to the clubs. It is not only cost-effective but relaxes your nerves before the D day.

Camping Hen Party

Don’t want a hen party at home? Don’t worry; we have something for you- A camping hen party! Yes, you have heard it right. A camping hen party offers both adventure and fun. Camping hen party needs a little preparation beforehand. Search for the perfect spot, have proper information about location and guidelines. To plan a budget hen party, inform your guests about all the supplies they need like sleeping bags. Bring your own food and drinks as there might not be plenty of shops nearby. Plan some games to make your camping night fun.

The Music Festival Hen Party

If you are somebody who loves music festivals, why not create a festival hen party for yourself? You can choose a sophisticated place to plan your own mini-festival. You will find luxury at an affordable price. You can make a festival ticket invites to make it look more authentic. Festival clothing for your bridesmaids will add to the charm of the party. Set a minibar and bring your own drinks. A playlist of your favourite songs, your favourite bands that you have been listening since childhood is a must to get the party started.

Pot Luck Dinner

If you love cooking, then you can host a dinner on your own, but if you are not a fan of cooking for more than eight people then go for “Pot Luck Dinner”. It is a great idea for the brides who want to have a great hen party on a budget. Have a theme, like Italian, Mexican or continental. Ask every guest to bring something. Ask some of your friends to bring starters while others can bring the main course. Take help of your creative friends to garnish the food and set the tables. Involve everyone in “Pot Luck Dinner”. It is especially good for the brides who like home-cooked food.

Cocktail Making Night At Home

Girls just wanna have some fun, right? A cocktail mixing night is perfect to have fun with your girlies at home. You just need few supplies like lemonades, juices, chopping boards, knives, shot glasses, measuring jugs, straws and little umbrellas for decoration.

How Can You Reduce Cost With Conventional Varsany Hen Party Gifts?

We have learned a few ideas on how we can reduce the cost of organizing the hen party. Now comes the gifting part. At Varsany, we have exclusive hen party gift accessories that are perfect for the bride and bridal party.


Our personalised bride dressing gown offer a luxurious feeling; they are made from super soft ivory satin material, trimmed with stylish chiffon. The bathrobes can be customised, i.e. you can choose what you want to be written at the back of your robe. You can choose the bathrobe for yourself and your bridesmaids for a sleepover hen party.

Bridal spa slippers add luxury and comfort. You can personalise them for yourself and your whole bridal party.


Bride hats and brooch are perfect Luxury hen night gifts for the bride.











Bridal Tote bags are a thoughtful gift for your bridesmaids to thank them for making your whole journey of becoming a bride memorable.

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What to Wear To Gymnastics besides a Leotard?

Gymnastics besides a Leotard

Is it your child’s first gymnastics class and you are worried about what your child should wear on the first day? Worry not! You are in the right place; we are here to help you.

Leotard is regarded as a perfect gymnastic outfit, which is worn by girls in gymnastic competitions. Leotards are required in competitions as they allow the gymnast to display a full range of movement and they do not get caught on anything. Younger gymnasts love wearing leotards. Personalised leotards for gymnastics build the confidence of children and they can be recognized in a group of other gymnasts.

Besides leotards, there are other options available, which can be considered in the practice sessions. Some of these are mentioned below.

Gymnastic Crop Top

A gymnastic crop top is a perfect wear during the practice sessions. They give you the ease of flow and allow you to be comfortable in your practice sessions. Crop tops are perfect for class, gymnastics class, acrobat and yoga. Personalised velvet crop tops are soft and look good in any size. Also crop top makes you look taller.

Personalised crop tops are easier to recognize for moms in the laundry as well, which is an added benefit.

A smooth fit of a crop top not only looks good on a gymnast but helps her to concentrate on the practice as she doesn’t need to worry about crop top getting caught in things.

Gymnastic Shorts

Gymnastic shorts can be worn with the crop top. Your girl can choose black, blue or pink personalised gymnastic shorts. Your little gymnast will look cute in the shorts which are personalised with handmade diamante. Shorts made from super soft velour are perfect for the soft skin of children.

It is important to wear the right kind of clothing in gymnastics as you don’t want to get stuck in your clothes while doing a move. Shorts offer comfort during summer month training. Always look for shorts which have elastic on the waist instead of a drawcord.

Gymnastic Leggings

Who doesn’t want a good pair of leggings? Leggings are a perfect piece of clothing to wear in your gymnastic session in winter months. They offer warmth and comfort. Leggings are stretchable, so when your daughter is performing those tough gymnastic moves, she will have the freedom of movement. You don’t need any belt to hold them on and they don’t dig into your skin. No doubt leggings will make your child look cool.

A basic black pair of leggings match everything. You don’t need to worry about color coordination with black leggings. Leggings are lighter and don’t hinder your performance and needless to say they are inexpensive. Personalised leggings will make your child look cool and trendy.

Personalised Gymnastics Hoodie

Personalised gymnastics hoodies are perfect to wear when you are waiting for your turn in the competition. You can get easily recognized in a crowd when you are wearing a personalised hoodie. Apart from that, you can choose diamante of a girl performing a handstand on the hoodie or a girl doing ballet dancing. Our hoodies look great just for casual wear around the home or for those cold winter walks.

You also have the option of choosing unicorn designs. Gymnastic hoodies should be chosen with care; the material should be light and breathable. They are best if you want something light on you before you hit the competition.

Why Leotards Are the Best Option

Leotards are the best option when it comes to gymnastic wear. Gymnasts are required to wear leotard when competing. A good leotard is a basic necessity for a gymnast to perform with ease. Quality leotards not only boost confidence but also make the gymnast look graceful. Gymnastic is physically demanding and it needs a special kind of fabric, which is light and at the same time durable.

While wearing a leotard it is impossible to trip on your own clothing; ill-fitting and baggy clothes are a strict no-no in gymnastics. Leotards are form-fitting; they fit like a glove. Leotards have become a staple in the gymnastics world; their sleek design allows complex body movement.

Personalised leotards made from super soft Velour and Elastic for the waist are perfect for gymnastics, ballet, and acrobatics. Personalised leotards with hand-made diamante look stylish on a gymnast.

It is important to invest in good gymnastics wear. Kids need separate competition uniforms and practice wear in gymnastics. There is always a chance of injury when the clothes do not fit nicely. It can prove hazardous when the equipment wraps in ill-fitted clothes. Besides, loose and baggy clothes make it difficult to see the movements of the gymnast. Gymnasts are not allowed in the competition if they are not wearing appropriate clothing.


No doubt wearing a leotard is necessary for a gymnastics competition. A good quality leotard is a basic necessity of a gymnast. Varsany provides personalised leotards for gymnastics which are made from super soft velour and elastic for the waist, which is light and comfortable to wear. Leotards from Varsany are made of velvet. Machine cut diamantes are used to make sure that you shall sparkle in the competition. Varsany leotards can be worn by girls for ballet, acrobat, and gymnastics.

Varsany is proud to say that our creative team hand makes your diamante name and apply it carefully. Varsany Diamante’s are machine cut glass crystals, designed just for the gymnast industry. All our products like personalised leotards for gymnastics, personalised gymnastic shorts, crop tops, leggings, and hoodies are of top quality and can be personalised according to the wish of the client.

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Best Gymnastic wears for kids that will help them look cool

Gymnastics has grown in popularity many folds in the past decade or so. The success of the UK in the Olympics brought gymnastics to the forefront. Gymnastics is great for kids to improve flexibility, balance, speed, and coordination. Gymnastic equip kids to handle physical and emotional stress. Other than providing a good coach to your kids for them to learn gymnastics, it is important to equip them with proper gymnastic clothing. Gymnastic wears for kids like a leotard, crop top, personalised gymnastic shorts are important for the practice sessions.

Importance Of Proper Gymnastic Wear

Kids need practice wears and competition uniforms. Proper gymnastic wear is necessary to save the kids from injury; equipment can wrap in loose clothing and can prove hazardous. Therefore, it is important to exercise caution while selecting gymnastic clothes for children. Gymnasts clothing should be such that it is easier for the coach to analyze his/her form.

Here are Varsany products which will make your kids look cool in their gymnastic wear.

Black Personalised Gymnastic Leotard With Diamante’s


What is better than a personalized gymnastic wear?

Varsany provides personalised leotards which are made from super soft Velour and Elastic for the waist. They are perfect for gymnastics, ballet, and acrobatics. The leotard can be worn for gymnastic practice as well as for competitions.

Machine cut diamante is used to make you shine. Great care is taken while hand making your diamante name. The diamante that we use is of superior quality; they are machine cut glass crystals.

The product is available in different sizes which will suit girls aged between 3 to 13 years. Black Personalised Gymnastic Leotard is tight and stretchy, which allows the gymnast to move freely. Our leotard is full sleeved and meets the competition standards. The black personalized gymnastic leotard is comfortable to wear and is stylish which will boost the confidence of the gymnast.

A good leotard helps the gymnast to perform with ease.  Varsany leotard comes with features like comfortable and easy to wear, fits like a dream and the fabric is light and soft. The personalized leotard will surely make you different from your competitors.

At Varsany, we understand that you want your product at the earliest that’s why black Personalised Gymnastic Leotard with Diamante’s will be ready within 24 hours of ordering and is shipped the next working day.

Black/Pink/ Blue Personalised Gymnastic Shorts With Diamante

Personalised Gymnastic Shorts With Diamante

Varsany shorts are personalized and can be worn to gymnastics and dance classes. They are super comfortable and will make you look cool. To add a personal touch we hand make your diamante name and apply it with hand.

Our creative team has designed these shorts by keeping in mind consumer needs. The shorts are made from super soft velour, and there is elastic for the waist to give comfortable and perfect support.

It is important to note that on personalized clothing we keep the first letter as capital and the rest in lower case. The machine cut diamante is specially designed for the gymnast industry.

These stylish shorts are available in two colours- black and pink. They are available for the girls aged between 3 to 13 years.

Black Personalised Gymnastic Crop Top With Diamante


The black crop top is perfect for gymnastics, acrobat, dance class and yoga. This super soft personalized velvet crop top can be worn to a practice class and as well as for a stage performance. The personal touch will boost the child’s confidence. It will make your child stand out. The comfortable fabric gives a great fit.

Black Personalised Gymnastic Leggings With Diamante

Black Personalised Gymnastic Leggings With Diamante

Every girl needs a good pair of leggings. At Varsany we understand this need; that’s why we have curated three-quarter leggings which are perfect for gymnastic classes. Super soft Velour and Elastic for the waist is used to make these leggings which fit like a glove. The leggings give you ease to move in any direction comfortably without worrying. They are perfect to wear for your gymnastic practice sessions.

Girls Black/Pink Hand Stand Crystal Personalised Gymnastics Hoodie

Girls Hand Stand Crystal Personalised Gymnastics Hoodie

The personalized hoodie is available in black and pink color. It has a beautiful diamante of a girl performing a handstand. This hoodie is perfect for dancers, gymnasts and can be used as casual wear. You can also gift this hoodie on your daughter’s or niece’s birthday by personalizing it with her name. Machine cut glass crystals give a beautiful shine.

The material of the hoodie is soft; it comprises 70 percent cotton and 30 percent polyester, it has a double fabric hood and a front pouch pocket. We are proud to mention that our clothing is in line with European Childrenswear legislation. It retains shape even with continuous usage.

Girls Black/Pink Rearing Unicorn Crystal Personalised Gymnastics Hoodie

Who doesn’t love unicorns? If your kids are a big fan of unicorns, then these black and pink rearing unicorn crystal personalized gymnastics hoodies are for them. These high-quality hoodies have a diamante of a rearing unicorn which is made up from glass crystals. Below the unicorn, diamante of your kid’s name is hand made by our expert creative team. The hood is without drawcord and has a front pouch pocket.

Girls Black/Pink Ballet Dancing Girl Crystal Personalised Gymnastic Hoodie

Kids love personalised items! The “ballet dancing girl” hoodie will look cool and stylish on your kid when she will wear it to her gymnastic or ballet class. This hoodie can be worn on casual outings as well. The machine cut crystals will make your kid shine; your child will be easily recognized in a crowd with this personalised hoodie. The hoodie is available for the girls aged between 3 to 13.


Personalised gymnastic shorts, leggings, leotards, and hoodies increase the confidence in the gymnastics class. It is important to choose clothing which is not only stylish but is comfortable for your little gymnast. With so many options available for gymnastic wears for kids; it is important to choose the brand which delivers high-quality products.

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Top Hen Party Ideas from Celebrity Brides You Can Learn From

Top Hen Party Ideas from Celebrity Brides

Are you looking for some inspiration for hen party ideas?

Well, you are in the right place! We’ve done some hard work for you to help you out with some unique hen party ideas that will take your excitement to the next level.

If you want that perfect blend of class and sass at your hen party, take a look at some of the best games and ideas to make your party going all night without getting bored for a second.

So once you are engaged, you must be overwhelmed to plan your hen party-those irresistible thoughts of hen party gift accessories, party venues, and much more. Well, the ideas which I ‘m going to share will surely exude good times with your partners in crime.

Escape in the rural vista:

Why not plan a rustic chic party in the countryside? It’s a great idea to make sweet memories with your friends in a countryside tree house with the booze of cocktails, and tequila’s all night.
How exciting it sounds! Well, it’s up to you, which place you wish to visit with your favorite girls-there are a lot of options in the UK to make your party commendable.

You can also enjoy the most loved activities in London which includes cocktail mixing, moonshine salon, afternoon Tea bus and much more. Apart from this, your countryside stay will be the most remarkable one as it will offer a unique experience before you get into the vows of marriage.

Nothing is more attractive than the beauty of nature so why not spend some time in the lapse of nature with the bunch of your great friends.

Book your tickets to London’s biggest musicals:

So after months of wedding planning, are you ready to get away from all this and enjoy some time with your closest friends?

Get a real treat with West end musical shows that offer you all the culture and will surely create incredible memories with your friends.

Plan a karaoke night:

Unleash your inner diva on a Karaoke night where you can sing your favorite songs all night! Your friends would love to join you on this crazy night so plan it out and enjoy.

Karaoke hen nights will be hilarious and fun when all the ladies out there will join the bride-to-be when she performs on her favorite tracks. So grab a glass of prosecco in your hands and shake it off to make your night memorable.

Plan some innovative games to let the party go on:

Games cannot be skipped over if you are going out with your friends. They add a lot of fun and entertainment to the day so make sure you plan some creative games that keep the party going. Some of the most played games in hen parties include toilet paper wedding dress game, how well do you know the bride, poetic hens, the best cocktail maker, and much more!

Plan your last night of freedom with signature living:

Why not make your freedom more fabulous with signature living- the ultimate destination for the party. The incredible city center, luxury suites, and top-notch bars will make your stay much more overwhelming to enjoy your last night of freedom to the fullest.

Plan a stay on Friday night that includes two-course meals with spa and breakfast included in it. So pamper yourself and make your day incredible by staying in such majestic places with your dearest friends.

Plan a fun journey on a cruise:

Book a night party cruise that is fully stocked with mocktails and cocktails along with some great DJs to make your party admirable.

It’s something different from the land-based parties as you can enjoy a different yet fantastic atmosphere that will surely excite all the hens. You can dance all night and enjoy the refreshing air along the sea- sounds so wonderful! Isn’t it?

Cruising under the moonlight with your favorite girls around, a glass of wine in your hand with your much-loved track, all this will definitely make the bride-to-be cherish these memories for years.

So these were some of the best hen party ideas to get an extraordinary experience before you tie the knots.

What about gifts? Stuck on what to offer your friends for that special treatment they’ve showered upon you? Here I’ve got something for you!

Let’s see how Varsany can help you in your hen party gift ideas:

Shop some of the exclusive and personalized hen party gifts from Varsany, specifically designed to meet your hen party goals.

These gifts include the beautifully studded bride and team bride hats along with crystalline bride pin accessories. These caps are great for hen night outs that are styled with beautiful diamantes to give you incredible looks.

You can also change the size of these caps as they are provided with a snap clasp to let your hair slide out or drape down easily with no mess.

Well, you can also go for hen party satin slippers along with stunning bride bathrobes. Diamante’s bride-to-be spa slippers will definitely make your hen party more interesting and catchy on your Insta or Facebook posts.

These slippers are made up of ivory satin and faux fur along with high-quality diamantes beautifully studded on it. Gift it to your favorite girls and pick a pair for yourself to click those attractive photos with similar dress up.

Bathrobes are the most interesting part of the hen party, so why not grab a nice bathrobe which is sparkling with diamantes scattered on it with great precision and design. It’s a great gift idea for hens or bridal party. Do not miss on these as these robes will surely add glam to your beauty.

Other than this, the bride’s tote bag, personalized cushions, crystalline makeup bags, and travel bags are some of the popular hen party gift accessories that will surely lift the spirits of everyone.